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What if you had the ability to see things before they happened? Saw a zombie outbreak unfold before your very eyes?

Could you embrace visions of the dead coming back to life?
For Kaylee, who has been chosen to receive this gift, these visions are the beginning of a nightmare. She watched in horror as zombies came for her and a friend, but when she woke, she realized it hadn’t happened yet.
So she prepares herself, just in case what she saw in her dream turns out to be reality.
And it does.
As the sickness turns helpless citizens into zombies, Kaylee, along with her friends, Deuce and Finn, try to prepare for what’s coming. The three friends choose to split apart, but they must come back together if they want to survive the worst nightmare anyone could imagine.
While each of them faces the hungry infected coming from every corner, Kaylee is preoccupied with a single thought: How will they escape?
But amid the midst of her most terrifying visions, Kaylee dreams of amber eyes and an infectious love she always longed to have.
Maybe the zombie apocalypse has more in store for her than she could’ve ever imag