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Book Synopsis

Book no.1


DS 1

Secrets can be deadly in this college supernatural thriller. Taria and Michael attend Morrison State University where Taria is in her last year of college studying investigative journalism. As her and Michael’s relationship flourishes; strange and unusual circumstances ensue resulting in mysterious and horrible deaths around campus. As the race against time begins to find the person behind all the carnage and blood-lust, unbeknownst to Taria there is more to Michael than meets the eye. Her best friend LaToya who is studying Fashion Photography is dating Quinn whose aloof nature is a bit out of the ordinary to some. The plethora of local missing person’s cases sparks Taria’s suspicions as she begins to investigate what is happening. Who is committing these murders and why? As the clues become more intense and revealing; the danger is around every corner ready to pounce. Can what you don’t know truly hurt you? This cat and mouse game of “who dun it” will take you on a heart-stopping jaw-dropping, nonstop ride of romance, murder, and a peek behind the thin veil of the paranormal world.

DS 2


The Deadly Secrets is an exciting series focused on Taria, Michael, Quinn, and LaToya – friends, and lovers, who are fighting against the forces of evil. Deadly Secrets Revealed is book II in this series, and it begins where Deadly Secrets finished off. 
This book presents many questions, such as: will Quinn get to LaToya in time to save her life? How will being kidnapped affect her and her baby? Will Taria die from her plan to bring Damon down or will Michael be able to save her - both from herself and Damon? Michael’s secrets have come back with a deadly bite to haunt him. His brother Damon is targeting everything he holds close to him. With unseen enemies around every corner will they all make it out alive? Will more secrets be revealed to turn their lives upside down once again? Or, will this be their end?


DS 3

Deadly Secrets Consequences has picked up exactly where book two left off. Focusing on Taria, Michael, Quinn, and Latoya, who are still trying to maintain the boundaries of friendship and love while fighting against dark forces. This novel focuses majorly on Taria and Michael. Taria is struggling with her identity and trying to figure out who she is still, while Michael, on the other hand, is hiding who he is. When things and people are exposed, will they be able to push past the consequences and accept their fate? Or will their future bring them crumbling down? Taria and Michael have been carrying around like the Van Allan family are their biggest enemies. However, once some things come to light, they may realize the puppet master is more significant than that.


DS 4

Deadly secrets are about to be revealed, and the question of what Taria is will be answered.

In the deadly world of supernatural creatures’ danger lies around every corner. Taria goes looking for answers about who she is and gets it from the one person she thought she could trust the most. Unseen enemies make themselves known. Coming out of the shadows again the Van Allen family still stops at nothing to try and control the power that belongs to Michael and kill Taria, so their other plans can succeed. As Michael makes moves to prepare for the throne, he feels that being a Queen maybe too much for Taria.

Follow the dangerous lives of Taria, Michael, Quinn, and LaToya, a group of friends and lovers, as they battle people whom you believed were friends and the forces of evil.

Will Taria and Michael be able to save everyone they love?

Who won’t make this time around?

Find out in part 2 of the third installment in the Deadly Secrets Series.


Deadly Secrets Novella


Kya is seventeen years old, and besides dealing with the normal pre-adult hormones that every teenager goes through, she is about to find her whole existence turned completely around. Raised by her aunt because her parents wanted her to be safe, now that she is almost eighteen, Kya will learn the truth. However, before anyone can tell her, strange things start to happen, and Kya can feel herself and her environment changing right before her eyes. Then, it happens. One night, she is attacked on her way something that wasn't human. When a woman named Taria saves her and informs her of what attacked her, Kya's world is changing. With no idea on who and what to trust anymore, she quickly must come into her own while adjusting to everything going on around her. However, the question is... is she strong enough to survive?
This Book will be a better read if you first start by reading Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite!



Twice Marked Novella

This Novella is a part of the Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite Series. This story picks up where LaToya and Quinn went to find answers for themselves. Do you want to know what happened from the time they left until they were found again? This is a story for you. You should start from Book 1 in the Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite Series before you read this! 
LaToya Grey has been dealing with the fact that she is a 20 something pregnant college student. Not only being pregnant but by her werewolf mate. She and her best friend took a quick trip to Florida, and that’s when their world changed from college work, clubs and parties to werewolves, vampires and who knows what else. Now she was pregnant by a werewolf, then she was kidnapped by a serial killer vampire, and her best friend died but came back as something else. On top of that, she has strange markings showing up on her arm. 
Quinn is a werewolf shifter that found his mate and almost lost her not long after. He has a twin brother who wants to kill him and his ex-girlfriend that is hell-bent on messing things up with what he has with his mate LaToya. Finding out from Michael, his friend who was more of a brother that he needs to find out more about his family and what he will be capable of doing. He also needs to find out why his twin wants to kill him. He was told to find out in New Orleans, but first, he just needed to make a stop back in Florida.​



Deadly Secrets Novella

Kya and Khalil are back but are they living their best life?
No! Obstacles are still in the way of their happiness, and Kya is once again thrown in harm's way. Still needing to find her parents but not sure where to start Kya worries that it will never happen that's until the visions begin to come full force.

Khalil just wants to spend time with his mate and make her happy. All of that is in jeopardy as someone else comes along claiming that Kya is his true mate! How is that possible when a wolf only has one, and they mate for life? Baffled about the situation Khalil is ready to go toe to toe and eliminate anyone who threatens his happiness.

All Kya wants is her parents and her mate but the closer she gets to solving one problem another arises. Kya is once again forced to join powers with her family to save her parents not to mention she knows that she has to fight in the upcoming war.
Will the Alpha couple ever get a chance to breathe? Will they have a normal day of peace? Will Kya reunite with her parents? Who is this mystery wolf claiming that Kya is his mate? Take a ride on this journey to see all the new changes in Rise of the Phoenix: The Change.
This story will be read best if you read Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-4, Desire of the Harvest Moon: The Change, Twice Marked Witches and Wolves first.


DS 5

Taria and LaToya never thought that taking one small vacation would change their lives forever. Now forever means something vastly different for the two best friends.
Taria just being a college student she never thought she would run into a vampire serial killer or being accused of murder, to becoming a vampire herself. Taria never thought that asking for excitement in her life she would end up with Michael a sexy vampire with deadly secrets but who made her his Queen.
Michael has always seen visions, but he never saw Taria coming into his life. The couple is more than just lovers but soulmates who were destined to be together. Michael can feel his power growing as the New Year approaches as he fights whoever attacks his family and friends. He knows that he must protect his people as he takes the throne, but before that can happen, he had to take the Van Allans down. With Taria by his side, Michael knows he can defend and rule the vampire covens, or they would die trying.
LaToya never imagined finding someone who loves her enough to let her be herself. She never thought she would have children and now can’t Imagine life without them. LaToya went looking for answers about herself and found that she was more than what she appeared. Quinn with deadly secrets himself found his mate and would never let her go. Finally finding of his own past, he has to find the True Alpha inside if he wants to keep his mate, children, and all wolf shifter packs safe.
Enemies are all around the friends who became more. They found allies, friends and more secrets to uncover but before they can move on to their next adventure in their lives, they had to deal with the fact something wants to end the world, and another wants to rule it.
It's up to these four to make it right even at the cost of their own lives. They will come to realize nothing lives forever.
Will Michael gain the power that belongs to him or will Victor Van Allan finally take it?
Will Quinn be able to be the True Alpha of his kind?
Will LaToya keep her children safe while learning to use her birth given gifts?
Will Taria be able to fulfill her hunter role, help Michael rule the vampire covens, and finally figure out the power that is hidden inside of her?
Who will make it in this last installment of Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite?
This story will be best read if you read Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-4, Desire of the Harvest Moon: The Change, Twice Marked Witches and Wolves first.

Vampire and his mate

A Vampire and His Alpha Mate: Camron and Hayley

Deadly Secrets Novella

This Novella should be read after Deadly Secrets books 1-5 Desires of The Harvest Moon, Twice Marked, and Rise of the Phoenix.
Hayley never thought that she would find a mate who could love her. After her last relationship, the things that were said and done destroyed any trust she could have in a man until she saw Camron Sloane. Never thinking she would be blessed enough to find a mate Hayley never tried to rid the thoughts that haunted her daily from her Ex-boyfriend Justin. Hayley fought alongside her friends Taria and LaToya in a battle for the world, but she didn’t know how to fight for her own happiness.
Camron was a vampire and a Blue Blood which meant she had no chance in hell with him. There was no way he could take her as a mate. Hayley wasn’t in the same class as him but not only that she is a wolf shifter.
Those thoughts kept her away but as fate would have it when her True Alpha gave her the order to find out what was going on in Miami with a pack that attacked her family and him. She answered that call, and she would find the Alpha who attacked her pack and the True Alpha. She would make him answer for his crimes against her family and whatever is happening inside his own pack. What Hayley didn’t count on was Camron Sloane going to the same destination as her.

Camron wasn’t looking for his Kindred Soul, but when he found her, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He knew she wasn’t ready for the love he would give to her. Camron knew he would have to break down those walls and show her not everyone is like her Ex Justin. When he saved Hayley in that alley the night of the club fire, he knew his life didn’t belong to himself anymore. The Alpha she-wolf with the midnight black fur and with the silver eyes had taken a piece of his soul. He would give her time to see that she belonged to him, but if she takes too long, he would have to make the first move.
Knowing he needed to give her time he did as his King, his brother asked of him. He went on a mission to find Martin Van Allan’s heart and destroy it before he could come back and finish what his father and brother started.
He never did like Florida but going to Miami and dealing out death would take his mind off of Hayley or so he thought. Finding out that Hayley was heading in the same direction he was told to watch her back and that he would do.
Maybe giving her space isn’t what she needed. Camron thought this trip might just give Hayley the reality check she truly needs. Now that Camron has found his Kindred Soul, he would be damned if he let her go.
Will Hayley be able to come to terms that she isn’t alone anymore?
Can Hayley figure out what is really happening with the pack in Florida?
Can Hayley be the Alpha this pack needs?
Will Camron find Martin’s heart in time?
What other secrets will Camron uncover in Florida?
Will Hayley let Camron close enough to find true happiness with her mate?
Find out in this Paranormal Romance story The Vampire and His Alpha mate: Camron and Hayley a Deadly Secrets Novella.

Book Cover


This Novella is part of the Deadly Secrets Series and would be best read by reading books 1-5 of Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite series and other novellas.

Have you ever wondered about Taria Cross’s parents? Well here is their story but it doesn’t end here…

Naki has walked this earth long enough and was tired of having no contact with others but her family. She had decided that she has lived long enough life without the touch of another. Naki was ready to move on to the next life, praying to the Gods; it would be better.

That was until something started to hunt her people and she wouldn’t stand by while innocent shifters were hurt or killed. What she didn’t expect was meeting a Hunter who she was taught was the enemy. What Naki didn’t understand was the way this Hunter made her feel, but could she trust him? Naki knew something was killing her people, but she didn’t want to believe that this Hunter was the enemy she had been warned about.

Joziah is a Hunter. His job is to hunt down whatever and whoever is breaking the laws of the supernatural world. That isn’t the only job that he was put on this earth to do.

His main reason for living is to keep every supernatural and human safe from the evil that wanted this earth. Doing that was Joziah Cross's single focus until his eyes fell on Naki. He knew that once their eyes met his life now belonged to her as she belonged to him. The problem with that is Naki was a panther shifter but not just any shifter she was the first-born daughter of the Panther God. She wasn’t to be looked upon and never touched, but what could anyone do if he already touched her soul?

Find out how a Hunter met and fell in love with a Demigod.
What will they have to do to be together? Will their love be torn apart, or can they overcome the laws that say they could never be together?



Taria, LaToya, Michael, and Quinn are back together again in Deadly Secrets The Crown Series.
Taria Cross was turned into a vampire, by Michael Vaughn, and she became his Queen. Not only does she have to figure out this new part of her life, but she is a Hunter as well, and that is a whole other list of duties. Not only is the demon Apu still hiding in the shadows, but another threat has also come to light. Taria will fight for those she loves rather family or friend, but what will she do when it’s family who is her enemy? The battle with Amu was shown all across the world, everyone, and no one is aware of the supernatural, and the thin veil is now easier to see through. As a Hunter, Taria will fight for all lives no matter who or what they are. The question that is being asked is, since Taria is now Vampire Queen, can they trust that she will always do what's right by Hunter law, or is her loyalty split?
Michael Vaughn has come into his power after his battle with the Van Allan family, but he still isn’t entirely in control just yet. As King, he has tremendous responsibilities, but his first and foremost will always be his family. The Blue Blood vampires are coming to Baltimore for the official crowning ceremony and the trial of Sara Van Allan. The only problem for Michael is that some Blue Blood vampires want to kill Taria. Michael needs to figure out how many are against Taria, and all the while, play nice with the government. More secrets come to light when family gets involved, and it will change everything for Michael and his close friends. Michael knows that someone close to him is a part of the plot to kill his Queen, but he will be damned if he ever let that happen.
LaToya and Quinn have to go on a journey and leave their family behind, but Toya has a feeling she still needs to check on her best friend turned vampire. Toya knows what she and Quinn need to do is important, but her feelings and deep connection to Taria has her knowing she needs to keep an eye on her family even if she isn’t there. Now that Toya has a grip on her powers, she is ready and willing to go to any lengths to keep her family as safe as possible. She would even learn magic that dark witches use if that will help her keep whom she loves safe. It didn’t matter what would be the price.

How will Taria and Michael pull through to prepare for their next battle?
What secrets will unfold not that Michael has his mother back, and Taria learns more about being a Hunter?
Will Toya be able to watch over her family while taking her own journey?
Will Taria have to fight for her family or against them?
Will Michael find out who else is behind the scenes plotting against Taria, or will he be too late to stop it? 

Crown 2




Taria Cross Vampire Queen, along with her Kindred Soul Michael Vaughn Pure Blood and King of Vampires, still has battles to fight. There is a war brewing and threatening everything that they love, and they will need to figure out a way to stop it or fight it. New allies find their way toward the couple, while some still plot against them for their power. Taria will fight for those she loves and those she is charged with protecting and being a Hunter that means everyone on this earth. Beverly, the Hunter who turned against the code, has gone into hiding, and APU has yet to make another appearance, but they are not the only players in the game of death. Taria has enemies all around while raising two incredible children, but how can she protect them? Taria and Michael will have to decide on what is best for the Lily, and Garrett and the Academy seem the only way, but will they make it? How will they fight off the evil that is growing all around them? The Fight with Masika left the couple with a new were-panther Jason, but can they trust him to be on their side when it’s all said in done?

Michael still has secrets to uncover, but the biggest he has faced was finding out that he had a brother. When Michael questions why he was never told about his brother Jessiah more secrets come to light. Where was Jessiah last, and what is the connection with the mermaid who asked for their help? Michael sent Marcus one who is like a brother to him to investigate to help find answers from the Sirenian people. Michael still being new to his power, and his throne wants to make sure he can keep all of his people safe. If that means sending The Kings Blade to get it done, then that is what Michael will do. Michael knows that he must do what he can to find all the answers about his family, but he also knows his people must always come first. The question is, is, are his people not only in danger of the darkness that is to come or also the government he has agreed to help? For Michael, there was only one person to ask, and one person who works for those people. What Michael didn’t know was if Jason has known all along, or was he clueless to what was happening to the supernatural community?

Marcus Sloane took on a mission from his brother and King Michael to find out what the mermaid spoke of on the day of the battle. He wasn’t expecting to have the sexy Shannara Cane at his side, but he was glad for it. Who else could make a mission fun but a Succubus hell-bent on staying as far away from him as possible? Marcus knew what Shannara was to him even if she didn’t, but he planned to use this mission to show her the true meaning of temptation. Since Michael came into power, he lifted the curse of never finding a soul mate for a Vampire. Shannara has always been and will forever be a Vampire’s temptation, but he knew that he was hers as well. It didn’t matter how she would run from it. He would always follow. Marcus will always complete my missions; rather, it be from his King or the love he has for a woman who doesn’t truly know the meaning. He just had to show her that she didn’t need to kill to feed and that he can handle anything she throws his way. Shannara (Na’na) Cane may be a Succubus, but she was his Kindred Soul, and not even she could keep them apart.


What other secrets will Marcus and Shannara find on their mission?

Would Marcus find out that he could be wrong and Shannara’s hunger kill him after all?

How will Michael and Taria fight evil so different from what they have fought before?

Can Taria and Michael protect their children, or will she lose one to a promise?

Book Cover 3

The Phoenix Who Saved Christmas Deadly Secrets Novella

Kya and Kahlil wanted to spend time with all of their family and friends for Christmas. Kya never really having any family was glowing with happiness at the thought of everyone coming together this Christmas.

Even with that thought, there was always a question of what and who she truly was. Having everyone in one spot and no battles to fight, maybe she could get answers from her new family along with her mother and father she just found.

Kahlil was happy he would be with his mate Kya and all of her family for Christmas.

He had something special planned that would make their mating officially permanent. Kahlil was also happy to be able to check out where they would live when Cross Academy officially opened. His mate would become the teacher she always wanted to be, and he would guard the future of the paranormal world. What he wasn’t expecting was to feel something off about the place that would soon become home. He also wasn’t expecting someone to be eyeing his mate or have the feeling that something about this man wasn’t quite right.

Will Kahlil figure out what is bothering him, or was it just jealousy?

How will Kya find out more about herself and the long line of Phoenix before her?

What does Kahlil have planned this Christmas for Kya?

Will Christmas be just family and friends like Kya wants, or is something evil lurking around to destroy a Christmas Kya always dreamed of having?


Their Sirenian Queen

Deadly Secrets


She didn’t expect to find love in the shadows, just as they never expected to see her light in their darkness.

Darya is on one mission, and that was to find her niece Mariah. A threat her niece didn’t know about could be a problem, and Darya had to find her before anything or anyone else did. She wasn’t prepared to find help on land with two tall, dark, and sexy men. One with a chip on his shoulder and a wicked grin. The other with a smile as sweet as sin but with a pain hidden deep in his lime green eyes. Darya not expecting anything of this when something that happens once every hundred years to her kind hits her. The Needing. Darya had no choice but to suppress her need to get this mission done. Any warrior and Queen could put their own need aside to save one of their people. That was until a hand reached out of the shadows, touching her body and taking control.

Jasper knew the moment he saw this Queen that he would take her, but he also saw in her what could fix Ice. He stood in the shadows, watching her first before he spoke. When her quick tongue and arrogance broke through his lust, he knew he would claim her and possibly help Ice in the process. Jasper knew as a Shade that the feelings he was having toward this creature shouldn’t be happening.

Jasper was a creature of control and torment, and when he touched her body, he could feel the need deep in her for him to take control.

Crown 3

Deadly Secrets

When Queens Are Crowned

The crown Series Book 3

Heavy is the head who wears the crown.

Taria Cross lost both of her parents in a single night of battle. The pain of the loss was just the beginning for this Vampire Queen and her family. On the heels of that loss, she never expected to be attacked and stabbed through the heart right in front of her children and Kindred Soul Michael Vaughn.

Now Taria must face the fact her enemy Apu kidnapped her right from under everyone’s nose. Taria is now a prisoner in Hell, and her Impundulu powers cannot help her through this fight. The only saving grace is the voice she heard in the darkness of Katara, the fire elemental who gave a piece of herself in a necklace. Her protection will only last but so long, and Taria is determined to use all the time she has to escape or die trying. What Taria wasn’t expecting was an ally willing to help and protect her while she fights her way through the legions of demons in Hell.

Taria’s only question is, can she trust him when he’s tried killing her once before?

Michael Vaughn is King over all Vampires, but he couldn’t save his heart with all his powers. Taria Cross, his Kindred Soul, was taken in front of his eyes, and there was nothing he could do. After finding his mother, a brother, he never knew existed, and a grandmother who was thought long dead, Michael still lost the one person who made it all worth it. Now Michael must find his other half and bring her home to their two children. Michael finds out a secret involving Toya that could be the answer to saving Taria and could tear Toya’s world apart. With Toya and Shannara’s help, Michael knows that whatever the secret, they would do what is necessary to save Taria and his unborn child no matter the circumstances. Michael vowed to find Taria, even if he had to burn down the entire world to find her.

Can Michael figure out how to save Taria, or will he all lose her this time for good?

Will Toya and Shannara do whatever it takes to help Michael save Taria?

Twice Marked A True Alpha And His Witch Book 2 A Deadly Secrets Story

Twice 2

What could go wrong when one Witch, two Wolves, a Vampire, and a Demon take a trip together?

LaToya Aja Grey Savir never thought she would be living in a world of supernaturals. Toya didn’t believe her life would dramatically change in so many ways. All by taking one short vacation. She found out that she was a Witch, had twins, and then married her Mate, Quinn Savir, the True Alpha to all wolves. Toya now had responsibilities to two different species. The wolves had their problems, but the Witch Circles were getting out of pocket. Toya had to fix that before helping her Mate with his wolf nation. Now, since other Witches have chosen her to lead, she has no excuse but to bring these Witches and Warlocks in line. Toya knew that if she wanted her children to grow up safely without always having a target on their backs from other Witches and Warlocks, she would have to clean house.
LaToya knew what she had to do, and she had to first start with her own family. The Grey Circle of old was traveling down a dark path, and she was the Witch to course correct it. It was time to take off the gloves and show these Witches on the council that she is the Premier Witch in charge. Her sister and best friend Taria knew she needed to handle business but didn’t want her doing it without backup, so she sent Damon Vaughn and her Shade along for the ride. Toya wasn’t sure why Taria would send the one demon she hated the most, and she wasn’t talking about the Shade that came back with her from Hell. Toya had no problems with the Shade. It was the other one, Damon “Demon” Vaughn.


A Deadly Secrets Story


Xashania ‘Shani’ Aiman has been with her True Alpha since the beginning of his reign. She always felt her role was just the babysitter for Taria, Michael, LaToya, and Quinn, but that quickly changed the night she learned she would become the Delta of the True Alpha’s Pack. Now that she is eighteen, Shani begins to come into dark powers she can’t explain. Shani’s Heat cycle is fast approaching, causing her body to call out to one Shade she stalks at the club Sinful Secrets…Tyson. Will Shani be consumed by her dark power, or will the shades of passion consume her?

Damon ‘Demon’ Vaughn has left a burning path of destruction wherever he goes. Damon went from a serial killer to the babysitter from Hell, who now fights to stay on the right side of things. Now that he has a daughter, he’ll do anything to protect her if that means bringing back the Demon everyone thinks he still is. There’s just one problem… Damon still only has half of his soul. Damon needs to stay away from Hell to keep half of the soul he possesses, but his passion burns hot for Blossom, the General of the Shades of Hell. Damon may have only half of his soul, but the only thing making him feel whole is Blossom.

Will Damon find the other half of his soul? Will Shani find a way to control the dark power that wants to consume her?

Book no.2
Book no.3 Part 1
Book no.4 part 2
Book no. 5
Crown series book 1
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