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This Novella is a part of the Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite Series. This story picks up where LaToya and Quinn went to find answers for themselves. Do you want to know what happened from the time they left until they were found again? This is a story for you. You should start from Book 1 in the Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite Series before you read this! 
LaToya Grey has been dealing with the fact that she is a 20 something pregnant college student. Not only being pregnant but by her werewolf mate. She and her best friend took a quick trip to Florida, and that’s when their world changed from college work, clubs and parties to werewolves, vampires and who knows what else. Now she was pregnant by a werewolf, then she was kidnapped by a serial killer vampire, and her best friend died but came back as something else. On top of that, she has strange markings showing up on her arm. 
Quinn is a werewolf shifter that found his mate and almost lost her not long after. He has a twin brother who wants to kill him and his ex-girlfriend that is hell-bent on messing things up with what he has with his mate LaToya. Finding out from Michael, his friend who was more of a brother that he needs to find out more about his family and what he will be capable of doing. He also needs to find out why his twin wants to kill him. He was told to find out in New Orleans, but first, he just needed to make a stop back in Florida.​

Kya and Khalil are back but are they living their best life?
No! Obstacles are still in the way of their happiness, and Kya is once again thrown in harm's way. Still needing to find her parents but not sure where to start Kya worries that it will never happen that's until the visions begin to come full force.

Khalil just wants to spend time with his mate and make her happy. All of that is in jeopardy as someone else comes along claiming that Kya is his true mate! How is that possible when a wolf only has one, and they mate for life? Baffled about the situation Khalil is ready to go toe to toe and eliminate anyone who threatens his happiness.

All Kya wants is her parents and her mate but the closer she gets to solving one problem another arises. Kya is once again forced to join powers with her family to save her parents not to mention she knows that she has to fight in the upcoming war.
Will the Alpha couple ever get a chance to breathe? Will they have a normal day of peace? Will Kya reunite with her parents? Who is this mystery wolf claiming that Kya is his mate? Take a ride on this journey to see all the new changes in Rise of the Phoenix: The Change.
This story will be read best if you read Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-4, Desire of the Harvest Moon: The Change, Twice Marked Witches and Wolves first.


Taria and LaToya never thought that taking one small vacation would change their lives forever. Now forever means something vastly different for the two best friends.
Taria just being a college student she never thought she would run into a vampire serial killer or being accused of murder, to becoming a vampire herself. Taria never thought that asking for excitement in her life she would end up with Michael a sexy vampire with deadly secrets but who made her his Queen.
Michael has always seen visions, but he never saw Taria coming into his life. The couple is more than just lovers but soulmates who were destined to be together. Michael can feel his power growing as the New Year approaches as he fights whoever attacks his family and friends. He knows that he must protect his people as he takes the throne, but before that can happen, he had to take the Van Allans down. With Taria by his side, Michael knows he can defend and rule the vampire covens, or they would die trying.
LaToya never imagined finding someone who loves her enough to let her be herself. She never thought she would have children and now can’t Imagine life without them. LaToya went looking for answers about herself and found that she was more than what she appeared. Quinn with deadly secrets himself found his mate and would never let her go. Finally finding of his own past, he has to find the True Alpha inside if he wants to keep his mate, children, and all wolf shifter packs safe.
Enemies are all around the friends who became more. They found allies, friends and more secrets to uncover but before they can move on to their next adventure in their lives, they had to deal with the fact something wants to end the world, and another wants to rule it.
It's up to these four to make it right even at the cost of their own lives. They will come to realize nothing lives forever.
Will Michael gain the power that belongs to him or will Victor Van Allan finally take it?
Will Quinn be able to be the True Alpha of his kind?
Will LaToya keep her children safe while learning to use her birth given gifts?
Will Taria be able to fulfill her hunter role, help Michael rule the vampire covens, and finally figure out the power that is hidden inside of her?
Who will make it in this last installment of Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite?
This story will be best read if you read Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-4, Desire of the Harvest Moon: The Change, Twice Marked Witches and Wolves first.


This Novella should be read after Deadly Secrets books 1-5 Desires of The Harvest Moon, Twice Marked, and Rise of the Phoenix.
Hayley never thought that she would find a mate who could love her. After her last relationship, the things that were said and done destroyed any trust she could have in a man until she saw Camron Sloane. Never thinking she would be blessed enough to find a mate Hayley never tried to rid the thoughts that haunted her daily from her Ex-boyfriend Justin. Hayley fought alongside her friends Taria and LaToya in a battle for the world, but she didn’t know how to fight for her own happiness.
Camron was a vampire and a Blue Blood which meant she had no chance in hell with him. There was no way he could take her as a mate. Hayley wasn’t in the same class as him but not only that she is a wolf shifter.
Those thoughts kept her away but as fate would have it when her True Alpha gave her the order to find out what was going on in Miami with a pack that attacked her family and him. She answered that call, and she would find the Alpha who attacked her pack and the True Alpha. She would make him answer for his crimes against her family and whatever is happening inside his own pack. What Hayley didn’t count on was Camron Sloane going to the same destination as her.

Camron wasn’t looking for his Kindred Soul, but when he found her, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He knew she wasn’t ready for the love he would give to her. Camron knew he would have to break down those walls and show her not everyone is like her Ex Justin. When he saved Hayley in that alley the night of the club fire, he knew his life didn’t belong to himself anymore. The Alpha she-wolf with the midnight black fur and with the silver eyes had taken a piece of his soul. He would give her time to see that she belonged to him, but if she takes too long, he would have to make the first move.
Knowing he needed to give her time he did as his King, his brother asked of him. He went on a mission to find Martin Van Allan’s heart and destroy it before he could come back and finish what his father and brother started.
He never did like Florida but going to Miami and dealing out death would take his mind off of Hayley or so he thought. Finding out that Hayley was heading in the same direction he was told to watch her back and that he would do.
Maybe giving her space isn’t what she needed. Camron thought this trip might just give Hayley the reality check she truly needs. Now that Camron has found his Kindred Soul, he would be damned if he let her go.
Will Hayley be able to come to terms that she isn’t alone anymore?
Can Hayley figure out what is really happening with the pack in Florida?
Can Hayley be the Alpha this pack needs?
Will Camron find Martin’s heart in time?
What other secrets will Camron uncover in Florida?
Will Hayley let Camron close enough to find true happiness with her mate?
Find out in this Paranormal Romance story The Vampire and His Alpha mate: Camron and Hayley a Deadly Secrets Novella.


This Novella is part of the Deadly Secrets Series and would be best read by reading books 1-5 of Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite series and other novellas.

Have you ever wondered about Taria Cross’s parents? Well here is their story but it doesn’t end here…

Naki has walked this earth long enough and was tired of having no contact with others but her family. She had decided that she has lived long enough life without the touch of another. Naki was ready to move on to the next life, praying to the Gods; it would be better.

That was until something started to hunt her people and she wouldn’t stand by while innocent shifters were hurt or killed. What she didn’t expect was meeting a Hunter who she was taught was the enemy. What Naki didn’t understand was the way this Hunter made her feel, but could she trust him? Naki knew something was killing her people, but she didn’t want to believe that this Hunter was the enemy she had been warned about.

Joziah is a Hunter. His job is to hunt down whatever and whoever is breaking the laws of the supernatural world. That isn’t the only job that he was put on this earth to do.

His main reason for living is to keep every supernatural and human safe from the evil that wanted this earth. Doing that was Joziah Cross's single focus until his eyes fell on Naki. He knew that once their eyes met his life now belonged to her as she belonged to him. The problem with that is Naki was a panther shifter but not just any shifter she was the first-born daughter of the Panther God. She wasn’t to be looked upon and never touched, but what could anyone do if he already touched her soul?

Find out how a Hunter met and fell in love with a Demigod.
What will they have to do to be together? Will their love be torn apart, or can they overcome the laws that say they could never be together?