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This Hardcover Novel comes with books 1-2 in the Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite Series. It also includes Rescued By Fire Gio & Selena's Story as a Bonus. (Rescued By Fire will only be available in print in this edition.)


Deadly Secrets Awakened Book 1


Taria and LaToya must accept that things will never be the same.


Taria Cross and LaToya Grey are in their last year at Morrison State University. Taria is working hard to achieve a career in investigative journalism that she’s always wanted, while LaToya is an aspiring fashion photographer. On the surface, they seem like nothing more than your typical twenty-two-year-olds – balancing college work, social circles, and their plans for the future. Their love lives were going well, too. Taria had Michael, and LaToya had Quinn. Everything was as normal as things could be… until Taria’s missing person’s investigation leads them to uncover something mysterious involving Michael and Quinn.


Suddenly, Taria and LaToya find themselves embroiled in a world they never even knew existed. Familiar faces around campus emerge as the victims of two of the most shocking kidnapping and murder cases in history. Clue after clue brings one dead end after another. It’s obvious that Michael and Quinn have a secret they’re hiding, but not for long. Who is committing these murders, and why? As the clues become more intense and revealing, the danger is around every corner, ready to pounce. Can what you don’t know truly hurt you? This cat-and-mouse game of “who dun it” will take you on a heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, and nonstop ride of romance, murder, and a peek behind the thin veil of the paranormal world.

They say change is the only constant in life, but what they don’t tell you is how one can conquer it.


Deadly Secrets Revealed Book 2


The Deadly Secrets is an exciting series focused on Taria, Michael Quinn, and LaToya are friends, and lovers, who are fighting against the forces of evil.


Deadly Secrets Revealed is Book 2 in this series, and it begins where Deadly Secrets Book 1 finished off. This book presents many questions, such as will Quinn get to LaToya in time to save her life? How will Toya being kidnapped affect her and her baby? Will Taria die from her plan to bring Damon down, or will Michael be able to save her - both from herself and Damon? Michael’s secrets have come back with a deadly bite to haunt him. His brother Damon is targeting everything he holds close to him.


With unseen enemies around every corner, will they all make it out alive? Will more secrets be revealed to turn their lives upside down once again? Or will this be their end?


Rescued By Fire Gio & Selena's Story A Deadly Secrets Novelette


What happens on judgment day?

Gio has been chained under the Earth for millenniums for what he’s done after the war in heaven. As a Fallen, he has taken it inside of himself to cause mass destruction because he believed the whispers of his fellow Fallen Brothers and sisters. However, after thousands of years of solitude and thinking, he realizes his goals have shifted, and he no longer believes in the cause of war on Earth.
The only person who can set him free and judge him is one of the two remaining Royal Dragon shifters, Selena. Once laying eyes on Selena, everything Gio thought he might want suddenly shifted into one thought. Kindred.
Selena, being a creature of this Earth, was told only one such as herself can set him free, but why should she when he was one of the Fallen that wanted all life on this Earth destroyed? Selena has been given seven days to hear him out. Gio would need to convince her to set him free and prove he has changed for the better.

Will Gio find a way to end the war he helped start? Can he confide in Selena, and would she be able to listen with more than her ears to set him free from the chains that hold him down?

Three Stories in One. Deadly Secrets Set One Author's Edition (Unsigned)

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