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You should read Books 1-4 in the Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite Series before you read this!


One night, she is attacked on her way home... by something that wasn't human.

Kya is seventeen years old, and besides dealing with the normal pre-adult hormones that every teenager goes through, she is about to find her entire existence turned completely around.

Her aunt raised her because Kya’s parents wanted her to be safe. Now that she is almost eighteen, Kya will learn the truth about who she truly is and what she can do. However, before anyone can tell her, strange things start to happen, and Kya can feel herself and her environment changing right before her eyes.

Then it happens…

Kya is attacked, but a woman named Taria saves her and informs her of things that will change her world. With no idea on who and what to trust anymore, Kya must quickly come into her own. All while adjusting to everything going on around her. However, the question is... is she strong enough to survive?
This Book will be a better read if you first start by reading Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite!

Desires Of The Harvest Moon Deadly Secrets Novella

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