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This Novella should be read after Deadly Secrets books 1-5 Desires of The Harvest Moon, Twice Marked, and Rise of the Phoenix.

 Hayley never thought that she would find a mate who could love her. After her last relationship, the things that were said and done destroyed any trust she could have in a man until she saw Camron Sloane. Never thinking that she would be blessed enough to find a mate, Hayley never tried to rid the thoughts that haunted her daily from her Ex-boyfriend Justin. Hayley fought alongside her friends Taria and LaToya in a battle for the world, but she didn’t know how to fight for her own happiness. Camron was a vampire and a Blue Blood, which meant she had no chance in hell with him. There was no way he could take her as a mate. Hayley wasn’t in the same class as him, but not only that, she is a wolf shifter.

Those thoughts kept her away, but as fate would have it when her True Alpha gave her the order to find out what was going on in Miami with a pack that attacked her family and him. She answered that call, and she would find the Alpha who attacked her pack and the True Alpha. She would make him answer for his crimes against her family and whatever is happening inside his own pack. What Hayley didn’t count on was Camron Sloane going to the same destination as her.

Camron wasn’t looking for his Kindred Soul, but when he found her, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He knew she wasn’t ready for the love he would give to her. Camron knew he would have to break down those walls and show her not everyone is like her Ex Justin. When he saved Hayley in that alley the night of the club fire, he knew his life didn’t belong to himself anymore. The Alpha she-wolf with the midnight black fur and with the silver eyes had taken a piece of his soul. He would give her time to see that she belonged to him, but if she takes too long, he would have to make the first move.

Knowing he needed to give her time, he did as his King, his brother, asked of him. He went on a mission to find Martin Van Allan’s heart and destroy it before he could come back and finish what his father and brother started. He never liked Florida, but going to Miami and dealing out death would take his mind off of Hayley, or so he thought. Finding out that Hayley was heading in the same direction, he was told to watch her back and that he would do. Maybe giving her space isn’t what she needed. Camron thought this trip might just give Hayley the reality check she truly needs. Now that Camron has found his Kindred Soul, he would be damned if he let her go.

Will Hayley be able to come to terms that she isn’t alone anymore?

Can Hayley figure out what is really happening with the pack in Florida?

Can Hayley, be the Alpha this pack needs?

Will Camron find Martin’s heart in time? What other secrets will Camron uncover in Florida?

Will Hayley let Camron close enough to find true happiness with her mate?

Find out in this Paranormal Romance story The Vampire and His Alpha mate: Camron and Hayley a Deadly Secrets Novella.

The vampire and His Vampire Mate Deadly Secrets Novella

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