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This story would be best read if you start with Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-4, Desire of the Harvest Moon: The Change, Twice Marked Witches and Wolves first and Rise of the Phoenix.

Taria and LaToya never thought that taking one brief vacation would change their lives forever. Now forever means something vastly different for the two best friends.

Taria just being a college student, she never thought she would run into a vampire serial killer or being accused of murder, to becoming a vampire herself. Taria never thought that by asking for excitement in her life she would end up with Michael, a sexy vampire with deadly secrets but who made her his Queen.

Michael has always seen visions, but he never saw Taria coming into his life. The couple is more than just lovers but soulmates who are destined to be together. Michael can feel his power growing as the New Year approaches as he fights whoever attacks his family and friends. He knows that he must protect his people as Michael takes the throne, but before that can happen, he had to take the Van Allan’s down. With Taria by his side, Michael knows he can defend and rule the vampire covens, or they would die trying.

LaToya never imagined finding someone who loves her enough to let her be herself. She never thought she would have children and now can’t imagine life without them. LaToya went looking for answers about herself and found that she was more than what she appeared. Quinn, with deadly secrets himself, found his mate and would never let her go. Finally, finding of his own past, he has to find the True Alpha inside if he wants to keep his mate, children, and all wolf shifter packs safe.

Enemies are all around the friends who became more. They found allies, friends, and more secrets to uncover, but before they can move on to their next adventure in their lives, they had to deal with the fact something wants to end the world, and another wants to rule it.

It's up to these four to make it right, even at the cost of their own lives. They will come to realize nothing lives forever.

Will Michael gain the power that belongs to him, or will Victor Van Allan finally take it?

Will Quinn be able to be the True Alpha of his kind?

Will LaToya keep her children safe while learning to use her birth given gifts?

Will Taria be able to fulfill her hunter role, help Michael rule the vampire covens, and finally figure out the power that is hidden inside of her?

Who will make it in this last installment of Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite?

Deadly Secrets Royalty Brothers that Bite Book 5

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