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Kya and Khalil are back, but certain situations threaten the young couple’s happiness.
Obstacles are still in the way of their happiness, and Kya is once again thrown in harm's way. Still needing to find her parents but not sure where to start, Kya worries that it will never happen. That's until the visions begin to come full force.

Khalil just wants to spend time with his mate and make her happy.

All of that is in jeopardy as someone else comes along, claiming that Kya is his true mate! How is that possible when a wolf only has one, and they mate for life? Baffled about the situation, Khalil is ready to go toe to toe and eliminate anyone who threatens his happiness.

All Kya wants is her parents and her mate, but the closer she gets to solving one problem, another arises.

Kya is once again forced to join powers with her family to save her parents, not to mention she knows that she has to fight in the upcoming war.
Will the Alpha couple ever have time to breathe?

Will they have a normal day of peace?

How will Kya reunite with her parents? Who is this mystery wolf claiming that Kya is his mate?

Take a ride on this journey to see what happens next in Rise of the Phoenix: Deadly Secrets Novella.

This story will be read best if you read Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-4, Desire of the Harvest Moon: Deadly Secrets Novella, Twice Marked Witches, and Wolves Deadly Secrets Novella first.

Rise Of the Phoenix Deadly Secrets Novella

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