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Best read starting with Deadly Secrets Series Brothers That Bite books, 1-5, and novellas. Following Deadly Secrets Hunters Reign: The Crown Series Book 1.

Taria Cross Vampire Queen, along with her Kindred Soul Michael Vaughn Pure Blood and King of Vampires, still has battles to fight. There is a war brewing and threatening everything that they love, and they will need to figure out a way to stop it or fight it. New allies find their way toward the couple, while some still plot against them for their power. Taria will fight for those she loves, and those she is charged with protecting and being a Hunter that means everyone on this earth. Beverly, the Hunter who turned against the code, has gone into hiding, and APU has yet to make another appearance, but they are not the only players in the game of death. Taria has enemies all around while raising two incredible children, but how can she protect them? Taria and Michael will have to decide on what is best for the Lily, and Garrett and the Academy seem the only way, but will they make it? How will they fight off the evil that is growing all around them? The Fight with Masika left the couple with a new were-panther Jason, but can they trust him to be on their side when it’s all said in done?

Michael still has secrets to uncover, but the biggest he has faced was finding out that he had a brother. When Michael questions why he was never told about his brother Jessiah more secrets come to light. Where was Jessiah last, and what is the connection with the mermaid who asked for their help? Michael sent Marcus one who is like a brother to him to investigate to help find answers from the Sirenian people. Michael still being new to his power, and his throne wants to make sure he can keep all of his people safe. If that means sending The Kings Blade to get it done, then that is what Michael will do. Michael knows that he must do what he can to find all the answers about his family, but he also knows his people must always come first. The question is, is, are his people not only in danger of the darkness that is to come or also the government he has agreed to help? For Michael, there was only one person to ask, and one person who works for those people. What Michael didn’t know was if Jason has known all along, or was he clueless to what was happening to the supernatural community?

Marcus Sloane took on a mission from his brother and King Michael to find out what the mermaid spoke of on the day of the battle. He wasn’t expecting to have the sexy Shannara Cane at his side, but he was glad for it. Who else could make a mission fun but a Succubus hell-bent on staying as far away from him as possible? Marcus knew what Shannara was to him even if she didn’t, but he planned to use this mission to show her the true meaning of temptation. Since Michael came into power, he lifted the curse of never finding a soul mate for a Vampire. Shannara has always been and will forever be a Vampire’s temptation, but he knew that he was hers as well. It didn’t matter how she would run from it. He would always follow. Marcus will always complete my missions; rather, it be from his King or the love he has for a woman who doesn’t truly know the meaning. He just had to show her that she didn’t need to kill to feed and that he can handle anything she throws his way. Shannara (Na’na) Cane may be a Succubus, but she was his Kindred Soul, and not even she could keep them apart.


What other secrets will Marcus and Shannara find on their mission?

Would Marcus find out that he could be wrong and Shannara’s hunger kill him after all?

How will Michael and Taria fight evil so different from what they have fought before?

Can Taria and Michael protect their children, or will she lose one to a promise?

Deadly Secrets A Vampire's Temptation The Crown Series Book 2

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