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★This story would be best read if you read Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-5, Desire of the Harvest Moon: Deadly Secrets Novella, Twice Marked Witches and Wolves Deadly Secrets Novella, Rise of The Phoenix: Deadly Secrets Novella, and other novellas first.★

Kya and Kahlil wanted to spend time with all of their family and friends for Christmas. Kya never really having any family was glowing with happiness at the thought of everyone coming together this Christmas.

Even with that thought, there was always a question of what and who she truly was. Having everyone in one spot and no battles to fight, maybe she could get answers from her new family along with her mother and father she just found.

Kahlil was happy he would be with his mate Kya and all of her family for Christmas.

He had something special planned that would make their mating officially permanent. Kahlil was also happy to be able to check out where they would live when Cross Academy officially opened. His mate would become the teacher she always wanted to be, and he would guard the future of the paranormal world. What he wasn’t expecting was to feel something off about the place that would soon become home. He also wasn’t expecting someone to be eyeing his mate or have the feeling that something about this man wasn’t quite right.

Will Kahlil figure out what is bothering him, or was it just jealousy?

How will Kya find out more about herself and the long line of Phoenix before her?

What does Kahlil have planned this Christmas for Kya?

Will Christmas be just family and friends like Kya wants, or is something evil lurking around to destroy a Christmas Kya always dreamed of having?

The Phoenix Who Saved Christmas Deadly Secrets Novella

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