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*This series would be best read if you start with Deadly Secrets Series Brothers That Bite books 1-5 and other novellas.*

Taria, LaToya, Michael, and Quinn are back together again in Deadly Secrets The Crown Series.
Taria Cross was turned into a vampire, by Michael Vaughn, and she became his Queen. Not only does she have to figure out this new part of her life, but she is a Hunter as well, and that is a whole other list of duties. Not only is the demon Apu still hiding in the shadows, but another threat has also come to light. Taria will fight for those she loves rather family or friend, but what will she do when it’s family who is her enemy? The battle with Amu was shown all across the world, everyone, and no one is aware of the supernatural, and the thin veil is now easier to see through. As a Hunter, Taria will fight for all lives no matter who or what they are. The question that is being asked is, since Taria is now Vampire Queen, can they trust that she will always do what's right by Hunter law, or is her loyalty split?
Michael Vaughn has come into his power after his battle with the Van Allan family, but he still isn’t entirely in control just yet. As King, he has tremendous responsibilities, but his first and foremost will always be his family. The Blue Blood vampires are coming to Baltimore for the official crowning ceremony and the trial of Sara Van Allan. The only problem for Michael is that some Blue Blood vampires want to kill Taria. Michael needs to figure out how many are against Taria, and all the while, play nice with the government. More secrets come to light when family gets involved, and it will change everything for Michael and his close friends. Michael knows that someone close to him is a part of the plot to kill his Queen, but he will be damned if he ever let that happen.
LaToya and Quinn have to go on a journey and leave their family behind, but Toya has a feeling she still needs to check on her best friend turned vampire. Toya knows what she and Quinn need to do is important, but her feelings and deep connection to Taria has her knowing she needs to keep an eye on her family even if she isn’t there. Now that Toya has a grip on her powers, she is ready and willing to go to any lengths to keep her family as safe as possible. She would even learn magic that dark witches use if that will help her keep whom she loves safe. It didn’t matter what would be the price.

How will Taria and Michael pull through to prepare for their next battle?
What secrets will unfold not that Michael has his mother back, and Taria learns more about being a Hunter?
Will Toya be able to watch over her family while taking her own journey?
Will Taria have to fight for her family or against them?
Will Michael find out who else is behind the scenes plotting against Taria, or will he be too late to stop it?

Deadly Secrets Hunters Reign The Crown Series Book 1

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