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This novella is part of the Deadly Secrets Series and would be best read by reading books 1-5 of Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite series and other novellas.


Have you ever wondered about Taria Cross’s parents? Well, here is their story, but it doesn’t end here…

Naki has walked this earth long enough and was tired of having no contact with others but her family. She had decided that she has lived long enough life without the touch of another. Naki was ready to move on to the next life, praying to the Gods; it would be better.

That was until something hunted her people, and she wouldn’t stand by while innocent shifters were hurt or killed. What she didn’t expect was meeting a Hunter who she was taught was the enemy. What Naki didn’t understand was the way this Hunter made her feel, but could she trust him? Naki knew something was killing her people, but she didn’t want to believe that this Hunter was the enemy she had been warned about since birth.

Joziah is a Hunter. His job is to hunt down whatever and whoever is breaking the laws of the supernatural world. That isn’t the only job that he was put on this earth to do.

His primary reason for living is to keep every supernatural and human safe from the evil that wanted this earth. Doing that was Joziah Cross's single focus until his eyes fell on Naki. He knew that once their eyes met, his life now belonged to her as she belonged to him. The problem with that is Naki was a panther shifter, but not just any shifter. She was the first-born daughter of the Panther God. She wasn’t to be looked upon and never touched, but what could anyone do if he already touched her soul?

Find out how a Hunter met and fell in love with a Demigod.

What will they have to do to be together? Will their love be torn apart, or can they overcome the laws that say they could never be together?

A Hunter Touched My Soul Deadly Secrets Novella

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