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Heavy is the head who wears the crown.

Taria Cross lost both of her parents in a single night of battle. The pain of the loss was just the beginning for this Vampire Queen and her family. On the heels of that loss, she never expected to be attacked and stabbed through the heart right in front of her children and Kindred Soul Michael Vaughn.

Now Taria must face the fact her enemy Apu kidnapped her right from under everyone’s nose. Taria is now a prisoner in Hell, and her Impundulu powers cannot help her through this fight. The only saving grace is the voice she heard in the darkness of Katara, the fire elemental who gave a piece of herself in a necklace. Her protection will only last but so long, and Taria is determined to use all the time she has to escape or die trying. What Taria wasn’t expecting was an ally willing to help and protect her while she fights her way through the legions of demons in Hell.

Taria’s only question is, can she trust him when he’s tried killing her once before?

Michael Vaughn is King over all Vampires, but he couldn’t save his heart with all his powers. Taria Cross, his Kindred Soul, was taken in front of his eyes, and there was nothing he could do. After finding his mother, a brother, he never knew existed, and a grandmother who was thought long dead, Michael still lost the one person who made it all worth it. Now Michael must find his other half and bring her home to their two children. Michael finds out a secret involving Toya that could be the answer to saving Taria and could tear Toya’s world apart. With Toya and Shannara’s help, Michael knows that whatever the secret, they would do what is necessary to save Taria and his unborn child no matter the circumstances. Michael vowed to find Taria, even if he had to burn down the entire world to find her.

Can Michael figure out how to save Taria, or will he all lose her this time for good?

Will Toya and Shannara do whatever it takes to help Michael save Taria?

Deadly Secrets When Queens Are Crowned The Crown Series Book 3

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