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What if you had the ability to see things before, they happened? For Kaylee, that is now a reality.

She saw a zombie outbreak unfold before your very eyes and jumped into action. Kaylee embraced the visions of the of the dead. These visions are the beginning of a nightmare that she has no choice but to live. Through it all Kaylee holds on to the bond that is forming with Tristan, whose amber eyes she saw in one of those nightmares.  But now that her dream is a reality, how will she and a new group of friends escape the city?

Deuce is cut off from his best friends Kaylee and Finn but must try to prepare for their eventual meet up and escape. Deuce enlist the help of Cassidy, but as they gather things to prepare, the dup is attacked by the very person they saved. Can Deuce pull through to make it to friends and will Cassidy understand that things are different?

Finn lost Kaylee during the hospital run to get his friend Lisa. Separated from Kaylee, Finn must depend on a new ally to help him. Finn will need to push through his feelings on hurting others and find the two women that are most important to him. Will Finn make it in time to save his people or die trying?

The fought to get inside of the hospital only to trapped inside with infected who seem to be getting smarter. This zombie apocalypse has more in store for these three than just an infectious bite…

This world isn’t the world to trust people so easily anymore. Will they make it out alive or find themselves on the dinner plate?

Dream Walker Visions Of The Dead Book 2

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