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She didn’t expect to find love in the shadows, just as they never expected to see her light in their darkness.

Darya is on one mission, and that was to find her niece Mariah. A threat her niece didn’t know about could be a problem, and Darya had to find her before anything or anyone else did. She wasn’t prepared to find help on land with two tall, dark, and sexy men. One with a chip on his shoulder and a wicked grin. The other with a smile as sweet as sin but with a pain hidden deep in his lime green eyes. Darya not expecting anything of this when something that happens once every hundred years to her kind hits her. The Needing. Darya had no choice but to suppress her need to get this mission done. Any warrior and Queen could put their own need aside to save one of their people. That was until a hand reached out of the shadows, touching her body and taking control.

Jasper knew the moment he saw this Queen that he would take her, but he also saw in her what could fix Ice. He stood in the shadows, watching her first before he spoke. When her quick tongue and arrogance broke through his lust, he knew he would claim her and possibly help Ice in the process. Jasper knew as a Shade that the feelings he was having toward this creature shouldn’t be happening.

Jasper was a creature of control and torment, and when he touched her body, he could feel the need deep in her for him to take control.

Their Sirenian Queen Deadly Secrets Novella

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