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What could go wrong when one Witch, two Wolves, a Vampire, and a Demon take a trip together?

LaToya Aja Grey Savir never thought she would be living in a world of supernaturals. Toya didn’t believe her life would dramatically change in so many ways. All by taking one short vacation. She found out that she was a Witch, had twins, and then married her Mate, Quinn Savir, the True Alpha to all wolves. Toya now had responsibilities to two different species. The wolves had their problems, but the Witch Circles were getting out of pocket. Toya had to fix that before helping her Mate with his wolf nation. Now, since other Witches have chosen her to lead, she has no excuse but to bring these Witches and Warlocks in line. Toya knew that if she wanted her children to grow up safely without always having a target on their backs from other Witches and Warlocks, she would have to clean house.
LaToya knew what she had to do, and she had to first start with her own family. The Grey Circle of old was traveling down a dark path, and she was the Witch to course correct it. It was time to take off the gloves and show these Witches on the council that she is the Premier Witch in charge. Her sister and best friend Taria knew she needed to handle business but didn’t want her doing it without backup, so she sent Damon Vaughn and her Shade along for the ride. Toya wasn’t sure why Taria would send the one demon she hated the most, and she wasn’t talking about the Shade that came back with her from Hell. Toya had no problems with the Shade. It was the other one, Damon “Demon” Vaughn.

Twice Marked A Alpha and His Witch Book 2 A Deadly Secrets Story

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